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Prepaid Expenses Amortization   
Deferred Income Amortization
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Excel Worksheet Amortization
Allocation to Cost and Profit Centers
Bond  Purchasers,  Level Yield Method
Bond Purchasers,  Straight Line Method
Bond Issuers, Level Yield or Straight Line
Loan Fees, FASB 91 Amortization
Dealer Fees, FASB 91 Amortization
FASB 91, All Products Page
MBS, GNMA, LSBO Loan Packages
Merchant Lending, FASB 91 daily pay
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About, contact us

Our software can be customized to meet unique needs Support@fdssi.com  

Free standing Allocation App

Just need to allocate income and expense?
     •  Excel worksheets?
     •  Files created by other software?
     •  General ledger journal entries prior to posting?
View our new Allocation Software.  Import.  Allocate.  Create journal entries, too.  Learn more.

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Accounting Amortization
Software for a file with
multiple records

About, contact FDSSI

Financial Data Support Systems, Inc.
is located in Sarasota County on the beautiful southwest coast of Florida, Eastern time.

We have been providing quality accounting software since 1982, initially serving the financial industry and ultimately expanding into a full spectrum of businesses and organizations both public and private.

Our development platform is Microsoft's highly regarded .NET Framework, thus assuring the software will operate on all current and future Microsoft operating systems installed on a laptop, PC, workstation and shared networks:
     NT, Citrix, Win 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10

Contact our Support department toll free from within the United States:
or email Support@fdssi.com

Financial Data Support Systems, Inc.
PO Box 790
Osprey, FL 34229-0790

Client support is our highest priority.
We are proud of the large number of referral customers gained from recommendations by existing clients who represent a diverse blend of small and large, profit and not for profit public, private and government organizations.

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NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
There may be times when a client sends data for us to convert, import, generate reports or otherwise process.
View NDA non-disclosure confidentiality agreement

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