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Client Import Accounting Software

     CPA Accounting Services, Parent Company with subs, Holding Company centralized operations ....  Anyone processing multiple Excel accounting files each month.

Automatically import an Excel file with one, multiple worksheets
or copy a worksheet and paste to the software.

Generate monthly recognition, accounting reports and posting files in a matter of minutes ....

Prepaid Expenses, Deferred Charges Amortization
  •  Prepaid, capitalized expenses
  •  Deferred charges, costs
  •  Insurance premiums
  •  Maintenance agreements

Fixed Assets Straight Line Depreciation
  •  Tangible assets
  •  FF&E
  •  Equipment
  •  Vehicles, accessories
Deferred income, Unearned Revenue
  •  Unearned fees
  •  Deferred revenue
  •  Contracts
  •  Partial, interim receipts

Accrued Expenses
  • Taxes - Federal, state, county ....
  • Audit and regulatory fees
  • Assessments and reserves
  • Account for interim disbursements

Hard to find
Software to run on a
Network sharing or
Cloud based system
supporting Windows

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Client Import Accounting Software to
     Amortize Prepaid Expenses
           Also handles Accrued Expenses including reconciliation for interim disbursements
     Depreciate Fixed Assets, FF&E
     Deferred Income

Accounting Calculations and Reports for Client records in Excel files.
     Records can be maintained by Client and emailed each month
     Records can be maintained by your organization
     They can also be your own records when stored in multiple Excel files or span several applications, such as Prepaids and Fixed Assets

Simplifies the monthly reporting needs for those processing files for others.
     CPA, Client Accounting firms
     Parent Companies
     Holding Companies
     Even your own when multiple files are involved
     Generate a complete set of reports for each file in a matter of minutes.

Minimal information required for each record.
     Term (in 1 - 999 months or from any date to any date)
     Debit account number
     Credit account number
     Other features available, such as deferring calculations to a future date.  Or "catching up" on previous monthly recognition.
     Supports any chart of accounts.

Cross over fiscal and calendar year ends
     No monthly close-out
     No annual close-out or end of year requirements
     Cross from one year to the next without the need to do anything

With reports
     View on screen
     Send to local or network printer
     Send to Excel
     Send to Adobe

Existing records.  The software can
     Calculate current balances or
     Preserve your current balances

Budget projections, forecasting
    Calculate expense and income amortization, with ending balances, for a future month, quarter, year.

Allocate, split, distribute income or expense for a single record to multiple accounts
     Allocate one/some/all records using the same method.
     Allocate using multiple methods (percentage, branches, departments, people count, workstation count ....)
     Allocated records flow into the journal voucher and posting file for automatically updating the general ledger

The following examples are for Prepaid Expenses.

Fixed Assets and Deferred Income operate in a similar manner yet reflect their differences.




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