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Merchant Cash Advances
FASB 91 amortization and accounting software for a file

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Operates on a PC or network sharing device:
     •  Automatically import MCA records from Excel or extracted from a servicing system
     •  Import dozens, hundreds, thousands of records at the same time
     •  Resolve FASB 91 issues today

Effective interest daily rate calculation and amortization of:
     •  Face Value - Proceeds.  Amortize the discount to income.
     •  Adjustments for bounced payments, renewals and modifications
     •  Daily discount recognition schedules with Proceeds and Face Value balances

Amortize up to 4 more fees per record:
     •  Origination and other fees amortized to income
     •  Commissions, legal, other costs amortized to expense
     •  General ledger subsidiary schedules for all P&L, Balance Sheet accounts

Hard to

Amortize MCA Discount on Proceeds plus up to 4 other fees per record
Effective interest rate calculation for each of the above
     •  Our effective rate formula or
     •  Your CPA's requested formula
Lifetime day-by-day amortization schedule for each fee, for each record.
Joint venture % participations.
General ledger monthly posting amounts, deferral and balances.
Annual recaps.
Reserve amount calculation for write-offs.
Clear up audit exceptions with a minimum of effort.

Payment bounces, skips
         Maturity date extensions for missed, uncollected payments.
         Unlimited number of bounces for a record.

Renewals, Extensions
         Automatic carry-forward of existing deferral balance to new amortization period and terms.
         New effective interest rate for new balances and term.
         Unlimited number of renewals for a record.

Modifications, additional working capital  
         Automatic rollover of existing deferral balance to new amortization period and terms.
         Adjustment to face value.
         New effective interest rate for new balances and term.
         Unlimited number of modifications for a record.

Automatically import a file to the software on your PC or network.
Files can be any of these:
     1)  Your Excel file.  If FASB 91 information already exists in your file, the software can import your data.
     2)  Extract file downloaded from a servicing system.
     3)  Our standard format wherein FASB 91 required data is entered or pasted into specific columns in a template provided with the software.

Deferral accounting and recognition for
Current month or year
Prior months and years - recalculate an entire file
  P&L totals for
     •  Current month
     •  Prior months
     •  12 month periods - calendar or fiscal
 Balance sheet totals

Income and expense totals
File totals
General ledger posting totals

Effective interest daily rate calculation ....

The software was developed using Microsoft's .Net Framework and, as such,
can "communicate" with Excel.

For each record, the software instantiates an Excel worksheet,
populates four cells and retrieves cell A4 result:

smxlWorkSheet.Cells(A, 1) = Amount Financed  (Proceeds)
smxlWorkSheet.Cells(A, 2) = Daily Payment (calculated by software)
smxlWorkSheet.Cells(A, 3) = Term In Days (calculated by software)
smxlWorkSheet.Cells(A, 4) = RATE(A3,-A2,A1) (Excel rate formula)
The result of (A,4) = Effective Interest Daily Rate




If the software methodology does not agree with the
manner in which you operate, the software can be
modified to meet your needs.




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