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GAAP, FASB compliant software

MCA - Merchant Cash Advances

     MCA Originators
     MCA Investors

GAAP, FASB recognition Software
Amortize Discounts, other income and expense using IRR effective interest method:

     Discount recognition plus other amortizing items such as commissions, broker fees, bank fees ....
     The software provides:
          Deferral balances and NPV (net present value) for each item.
          Totals for entire file.

Extract deals from your servicing system, import to software on your
laptop, PC, network sharing or cloud based system

     Import deals on a monthly basis or
     Annual end-of-year only

     Generate a lifetime deferral recognition schedule for any Deal.

Hard to find
(including custom)
Software to run on a
Network sharing or
Cloud based system
supporting Windows

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Import a Deals File to the software monthly or just once a year.
     Create an extract file from your servicing system in Excel.
     Supports Daily and Weekly payments.
     Deals can be short term or span multiple years.
     Deferral values can be reduced by any investor syndicated %.

Payments are calculated by the software as an average of:
     Prior month or Original Face Value minus Current month Face Value
     divided by number of payment due dates.

Calculate IRR Internal Rate of Return.

Calculate NPV Net Present Value.

Calculate deferral balances for discounts, bank fees, legal expense, other fees ....

Generate totals for:
     Original Discount
     Accumulated income
     Deferral balance
     Current Face Value from the Deals File
     Carrying Balance (NPV)

Verify results.
     Create a recognition schedule for any deal.

Compare software IRR generated Deferral Balances to Cash Basis general ledger balances.  Post and reverse adjustments.


GAAP, FASB software for Merchant Cash Advances with daily, weekly payments

Amortize dozens, hundreds, thousands of MCA deals at the same time
     IRR Effective interest rate calculation for each record.
     Lifetime amortization schedule for each fee, for each record.
     Deferral % reductions for joint venture, syndicated participations.
     Freeze Schedule when a deal goes bad.
     Clear up audit exceptions with a minimum amount of effort.

Determine what Discount, other Income and Expense Balances should be when
using the effective interest method for daily, weekly payments

     End of month
     End of year
     Designed to eliminate footnote exceptions on Financial Statements

Calculate all MCA records at the same time:
     GAAP, FASB effective interest rates (IRR)
     NPV Net Present Value (Carrying Balance, Book Value)
     Discount on Proceeds Balance (Deferred Income Balance) plus other deferred income, expense

Audit schedules for each record:
     Day-by-Day recognition schedule which opens in Excel
     Monthly totals
     Supportive documentation
     IRR, NPV independent verification in seconds
     Show results to your auditor

Easy to operate

Automatically import a Deals file to the software
Import basic information for each Deal consisting of:
     Deal number/Description
     First pay date
     Final pay/maturity date
     Original Face Value
     Discount (or other fee to be amortized as income, expense)
     Deferral % Owned if syndicated
     Current Face Value
     General ledger accounts if desired
     Payment frequency:  Daily, Weekly
     Payment amount

Daily payments exclude the following dates:
     And the observed day for
     New Year's
     Martin Luther King birthday
     Memorial day
     July 4th
     Labor day
     Veteran's day
     December 25th
     Exception:  If a Final Payment date falls on any of the above, the Final Payment will become a Payment.

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For more information, please call
1-800-245-8444  (Florida, Eastern Time)

  GAAP, FASB Merchant Cash Advances Amortization
Software for Windows® on a computer, laptop, shared network and cloud based systems
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