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Fee demo                           
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1)  Create a new folder (or subfolder) using any name on your local drive.
     Suggested folder name:  FDSSI-FL
2)  Right click the demo file, below.
3)  Select "save/save link/save target as", browse to and save the demo file in the new folder
4)  From within the new folder:
     Right click the demo file and either:
           Extract zip file contents, being certain the contents will be extracted to/within the new folder (not a subfolder which the extract may append).
           Open the zip file, copy all files and paste all files within the new folder
5)  Run/double click the program THRIFTYF.exe


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How to order the software
Click "Pay now" button for processing a secure payment.
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          Make a secure payment using any major credit card.
     In the order form's memo section, please include this information for our records:
          Your name, title, phone number
          Business name and mailing address

About an order
Following notification to us that payment has been processed (normally within two hours),
we will notify you by email the same or next business day (Eastern time) that your order has been prepared along with instructions for downloading from a private link to our website.

Software price (US dollars)
Ordering this software implies consent with our licensing agreement.

    Product       Prices
Merchant Cash Advances
GAAP, FASB effective interest method
amortization software for
Originators and Investors

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Import a Deals File to the software

Calculate Discount Income and other income, expense Deferral Balances.
The software calculates an average daily or weekly payment based on the monthly difference between Original Face Value and Current Face Value.

Compare Deferral Balances to your Cash Basis Deferral Balance and determine the difference between Cash Basis and GAAP IRR recognition.

Import Screen recap for each Deal plus Totals for all Deals.
Lifetime GAAP, FASB recognition schedule for each Deal.
Subsidiary ledger listing with totals by general ledger account or fee description.

12 Month License
to operate the software on a PC or network sharing system.
Import as many of your files with discounts, other income and expense each month.
Prices Include software support with
• Future software enhancements at no charge
• 1-800 telephone support (continental US)
• Email support
• Reduced charges for any custom modifications
• Free software replacement in event of a loss 

Yearly license
First year license:  $2,495.00
Renewal years: $1,295.00

Licensing Agreement
Customer (defined as the company, organization, individual or other entity ordering this software) understands and agrees that Seller (Financial Data Support Systems, Inc.) is granting Customer a non-exclusive license to use the above named Software System on a computer or networked computers as a Single Installation system. Single Installation means that Customer will install the Software System no more than once onto Customer's computer, networked computers, other servers or disk drives unless Customer has received written permission from Seller and paid Seller for this Multiple Installation privilege.

Importing Excel through browse and open:  Requires Microsoft OLEDB provider which, if not already installed, is available at no charge from the MS download web site (we can provide the link).  Currently, Microsoft's OLEDB provider is available in a 64 bit and 32 bit version although, per Microsoft and our own testing, the 64 bit is not operable for Excel.  The 32 bit version is operable for 64 bit machines.  Therefore, the software requires the 32 bit version be installed.

Networks:  When licensed for and installed on a network, multiple workstations may be granted access to the software. In such case, if data files are in the process of being updated by one workstation, another workstation attempting to perform updating will be provided a message indicating the update process is currently in use and will have to wait until the update process by the first workstation has been completed.

Customer further acknowledges that the Software System is a valuable trade secret property of Seller and, in addition, is subject to copyright laws. Customer agrees not to duplicate, copy or make available to other parties any part of the Software System except as necessary for normal business operations, such as creating back-up copies.

Confidentiality:  Customer and Seller recognize that in the course of their discussions it may be necessary for either or both to disclose to the other certain Confidential Information. Each Party agrees to treat any and all discussions as confidential and, in the absence of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, to treat shared information as if there was an industry standard Non-Disclosure Agreement in effect.

Software Support
Software support includes:
     1-800 telephone support (continental US).
     Email support.
     Custom programming at a reduced rate.
     Free software replacement in the event of a loss.

Operating Systems
Software developed within Microsoft's .NET Framework for Windows® on a computer, laptop and multiple users on a network sharing system


More info
For more information or questions regarding any of the above or a free demo,
please contact us.

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