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Accounting Amortization

Software for a file with multiple records

Custom software

and file calculation services

offered by FDSSI

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Software to run on a
Network sharing or
Cloud based system
supporting Windows
Custom amortization software and services offered by FDSSI

Our software can be modified to meet the specific needs for
     •  Existing clients using our software
     •  New clients
     •  New products
     •  CPA firms on behalf of their clients
     •  Other third party firms
     •  Other businesses in need of a solution for their operational requirements

     •  In a hurry.  Short on time?
     •  Send us a file to calculate.
     •  View NDA non-disclosure confidentiality agreement
     •  We can
               Import your file to the software
               Generate desired reports
               Return what you need in Excel   
     •  One time basis
     •  Recurring basis          

Customization typically includes one or all of these categories ....
     •  Importing data to the software
               From Excel
               From other file sources

     •  Massaging data
               General "clean up"
               Changing values based on "if, then"
               Temporary changes for "What if" questions
               Table look-ups
               Extract records meeting one or multiple conditions
               Other requirements

     •  Calculating data
               Standard amortization
               Modifications to standard
               Custom amortization methods

     •  Reporting
               Specific internal requirements
               Regulatory requirements
               Detail, subtotal and file totals
               As of:
                         Prior month, year end
                         Current month
                         Future month, year end, budget period
               Comparative results between two methods as of any month, year end
               Generate subtotals on different record values

     •  Exporting and distribution
               Exporting results to Excel
               Formatting data for general ledger interface

How custom software works:

     •  Tell us what you need
          Send an email to or call toll free 1-800-245-8444  (Florida - Eastern time)

     •  We'll provide a cost figure

     •  We'll provide a development time frame

     •  We'll develop the software.

     •  We'll provide you with a temporary system to evaluate and test so you can verify it meets your requirements.

     •  Once you are satisfied with the temporary system,
          You pay us
          You receive a permanent system or changes to an existing system

More information ....
For more information regarding any of the above,
or if you have other questions, please contact us.

1-800-245-8444 or email



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