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FASB 91 Custom
Unique situation?
Unusual records?  Fees?
We can write custom code
and embed your private
module within the existing
nuts and bolts portion
of the software.

Merchant loans daily cash advances discount amortization software
with maturity date extensions due to bounced payments
Mortgage, consumer loans
MBS loan packages


FASB 91 software toamortize hundreds, thousands of merchant loans with

1)  Discount on proceeds
     Amortize as deferred income

2)  Loan closing, processing, origination fees
     Amortize as deferred income

3)  Commissions, third party fees, acquisition costs
     Amortize as deferred expense

Amortize up to 5 different fees per loan
Effective interest rate calculation for each of the above
Lifetime day by day amortization schedules

Account for adjustments unique to merchant advances ....

     •  Payment bounces
              Automatic maturity date extension for missed, uncollected payments
              New effective interest rate for existing balances over new remaining term
              Unlimited number of bounces for a loan

     •  Renewals, loan extensions
              Automatic carry-forward of existing deferral balance to new amortization period and terms
              New effective interest rate for new balances and term
              Unlimited number of renewals for a loan

     •  Modifications, additional working capital  
              Automatic rollover of existing deferral balance to new amortization period and terms
              Adjustment to face value
              New effective interest rate for new balances and term
              Unlimited number of modifications for a loan



Please contact us for ....

     •  Price

     •  More information or questions regarding the software

     •  Customizing the software
     •  PC, workstation and network sharing systems

     •  Free trial system - calculate your deferrals using a live version of the software

Call 1-800-245-8444
email Support@fdssi.com

Deferral accounting and recognition for

     •  Current month or period

     •  Prior months and periods - recalculate an entire file
     •  P&L totals for any prior month, prior year
     •  Balance sheet totals

Income and expense totals

     •  File totals

     •  User defined group totals

     •  General ledger posting totals



Don't see what you need?
     We have other software not featured on our website.
     We can also tailor and customize the software.
email Support@fdssi.com

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