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Accounting Amortization

Software for a file with multiple records

Percentage, consumption and other recognition methods

•  Monthly income, expense recognition for all records at the same time

•  From original begin dates or current  balances forward

•  P&L account listing

•  Balance sheet subsidiary listing

•  Journal voucher recap with debit, credit columns

•  General ledger posting file

•  Detail audit schedule for each record
Accounting Software
for Monthly, Non-Monthly, Percent, Consumption and
other Amortization Recognition Methods ....
Percent - Establish recognition based on a constant or variable pattern
Designed to handle the oddball or unusual situation.
     Establish a recognition schedule based on various or constant percentages over a known Term.
     Also addresses partial refunds, additional receipts and other adjustment which occur after amortization has begun.
          You can establish a Term in months or remaining months along with percentage recognition for each month.
          Consumption, when you know the Term but not future monthly recognition percentages:
          Use the Percent by Individual Record and "tack on" each month's actual percentage based on consumption, such as
                         Usage - Prepaid service hours, contracted days ....
                         Product take-down, shipments ....
                         Supplies reduction, inventory distribution ....
                         Any item where recognition is tied to "how much" of a deferred or prepaid is
                         used each month or other period.  Record zero usage as 0.00

Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, Odd Period Recognition Frequencies
     This feature allows you to "skip" recognition in certain months even when using a straight line method.
     For example:
          To recognize a 12 month amount on a quarterly basis,
          Percents might be established as 0%, 0%, 25%, 0%, 0%, 25%, 0%, 0%, 25%, 0%, 0%, 25% or some other pattern.
               For the above, nothing will be recognized during months with a percent of 0%
               Each 25% month will recognize one-quarter of the amount, thus quarterly amortization.
               Mix monthly percentages and Term as desired.  The number of monthly percents establishes the Term in months.

Units:  Takedown, Usage, Consumption - Recognize Deferred Income or Expense based on monthly actuals as they occur.  Also supports Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, Odd Period Recognition Frequencies
     Recognize income or expense based upon "how much" is exhausted, earned, consumed each month.
          You receive or pay $10,000 for 760 prepaid hourly services (Units) covering an 8 month period.
               Units could also represent:
                    Inventory count
                    Days or other time periods
                    Contracted products
                    Any number representing a total count of something.
          You want to recognize the deferred based upon how many hours of actual service are provided each month.
               10,000.00 = deferred or prepaid amount
                8 = Term in months
                760\0 satisfies the setup requirement for Units with Total Units of 760 and, until \0 is changed, 0% recognition.
                         First month:
                         If you actually provide 20 hours of service the first month, then change
                             760\0   to  760\20, where \20 actual amount provided
                         Second month:
                              If in the second month you provide 15 hours, append the 2nd month as
                              Continue appending monthly Units consumed for each of the 8 months.
                              If you don't provide any hours the next month, leave the above as is or append \0
                              If you have Units remaining at the end of the Term you can extend the remaining Term.

Straight line and other methods are also supported 
      •  Straight line 30 day financial months - Amount divided by term in months
      •  Date to date actual calendar days - from a date to a date, partial months and actual days in full months
      •  Half month convention
      •  Accelerated sum of the years digits (rule of 78's for any term)

General ledger
The system supports any general ledger chart of accounts.
For monthly (or other frequency) reporting, the system prepares:
     •  General ledger subsidiary ledger trial balance:
          Records sorted and grouped by general ledger accounts
     •  Debit and credit Journal Voucher postings
     •  General ledger upload posting file

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