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Prospective, Retrospective
amortization software under FASB ASC-310-20
for your PC or network sharing system

When a balance is reduced by other than a scheduled amount,
a new effective interest rate need be calculated, the new
effective rate applied to prior recognition periods and the
difference between prior and newly calculated recognition
be included within current month income or expense as
well as an adjustment to book value, carrying balance.

Effective interest rate calculations    FASB 91 Loan fees 

Monthly discount income, premium expense recognition for a file with multiple records

Yearly totals for current and prior fiscal years

Up to 4 income and expense deferrals per record

Irregular payment amount recognition adjustments

From original begin dates or current  balances forward

P&L account listing

Balance sheet subsidiary listing

Journal voucher recap with debit, credit columns

General ledger posting file

Detail audit schedule for each record
Hard to find
Accounting Software


GAAP, FASB compliant

Premium, discount, deferred fee
income and expense recognition for
investments with irregular monthly payments

Calculate income and expense from
Begin dates forward
Or ....
Preserve and amortize current balances.
For any month.  An entire year.

The software operates on
  •  Your PC or
  •  Your network

Maintain records in:
  •  Your file or
  •  An Excel template we provide

Import entire file to the software
  •  Run reports
  •  View, print, export reports

Prospective, Retrospective amortization software
for a file with multiple records

ASC-310-20 effective interest method amortization which adjusts net investment when actual prepayment activity is different
from anticipated prepayment activity.  Cash flow effective rate adjustments are compared to prior general ledger postings and
reflected in current month as
     •  P&L debit or credit with offset to
     •  Balance Sheet book value, carrying balance, cost basis

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Complete accounting and reporting for dozens, hundreds, thousands of records at the same time
     •  Effective interest rate calculations
     •  Premium amortization
     •  Discount accretion
     •  Deferred income and expense
     •  Amortize and account for 1 to 4 unique deferrals per record
     •  General ledger reports and monthly postings
     •  Automatically adjusts net investment when actual prepayment activity is different from anticipated
         prepayment activity using Prospective and Retrospective recognition
     •  Auditing tools

An ideal solution for
     •  MBS portfolio
     •  GNMAs, CMOs, other syndicated loans, pools
     •  LSBO
               Whole loan packages
     •  Other packaged loans
     •  Non-conforming individual loans
     •  Commercial and other loans
     •  Other premium and discount investments with structured or fluctuating payback

Anticipated Repayment Activity can be established as
     •  P&I amortizing
               P&I assigned by you or
               P&I calculated by the system to establish a forecasted cash flow
                    Typically for MBS and other unknown repayment schedules
               P&I, at your option, can also be recalculated by the software with each cash flow adjustment
     •  Interest only:
               As interest only and with
               Principal payments of a constant amount (e.g., $25,000 every three months)
     •  Balloons:
               Interest only with a balloon
               P&I over balloon period
               P&I over longer term such as 5 year balloon with 30 year P&I
               P&I over average portfolio life
     •  CPR - Conditional Prepayment Rate
                % reduction of remaining principal balance, such as 8.3% of this month's balance, then 8.3% of next month's balance
                CPR is typically excluded from Prospective, Retrospective calculations because "repayment" is not cash activity

Also available ....

File calculation services.

•  Send us a file containing your records

•  We'll provide a NDA non-disclosure confidentiality agreement

•  We'll import your records to the software

•  Effective interest method reports

•  Any month.  Any year.  For an entire year.

•  Amortization and accretion schedules

•  Results returned in multiple worksheets in an Excel file

•  One-time service or

•  Recurring basis

Questions?   email   or  1-800-245-8444



                                          CUSTOM SOFTWARE and SERVICES

Unique situation?  Unusual records?  New type of fees?
Different file layout?  File source?
Special internal or regulatory report?

Different configurations of the software or other products we offer may already meet your needs.
If not, we can write custom code and embed your private module within the existing nuts and bolts portion of the software.

For more information, please view Custom Software and Services



Existing records and deferral balances:

Option 1
        Preserve your existing book values.
        No adjusting journal entries.
        The software can begin amortizing deferred fee income and expense balances using current information.

Option 2
         Calculate prior and current book values.
         The software can amortize deferred fee income and expense from original dates using original data.

Option 3
          Begin amortizing from an "as of" date.
         Typically the beginning of a calendar or fiscal year using prior EOY balances. 

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       •  Create a temporary folder
       •  Unzip a file
       •  Run the program
       •  Delete folder when done

For more information, please contact us.

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