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 We also offer
CUSTOM  Amortization Software
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Bond Accounting Software for
     •  Bond Purchasers and Investors
     •  Bond Issuers, including issuance costs

Premium amortization,
Discount accretion using

     •  Effective interest method
     •  Level yield
     •  Constant yield
     •  Straight line

Operates on PC and network sharing devices
     • Effective interest rate calculations
     • Premium amortization
     • Discount accretion
     • Bonds and File totals
     • Lifetime month-by-month recognition schedules
     • Audit Reconciliation – Monthly, Yearly
     •  Earned interest
     •  Accrued interest
     •  Subsidiary listing by user defined category
     • With Reports:
          Send to printer
          Send to Adobe
          Send to Excel

Monthly and yearly results for
     •  Municipal bonds
     •  Corporate bonds
     •  Agencies
     •  Treasuries
     •  Bills
     •  Notes
     •  Other bonds and investments
     •  Callable and non-callable, with or without OID
     •  Convertible
     •  Fixed, variable and zero rate
     •  Calendar year and fiscal year reporting

Available with a General Ledger Business Module
     • General ledger subsidiary account listing
     • Interest accruals
     • Journal vouchers
     • Upload posting files

Existing records
     •  Preserve current deferral balances
               No adjusting journal entries
     •  Or have the software amortize from original dates forward

Ideal for
     •  Bond holders, investors, active traders, foundations
     •  Client servicers, CPA firms, financial advisors
     •  Business - includes a general ledger reporting module
     •  Bond issuers - separate version to also amortize issuance costs

We offer all of these:
1)  Order the software
Run the software on your PC or network sharing device.
Amortize premiums and discounts at any time.

2)  File Calculation services
Send a bond file.
Receive a set of reports in Excel.
Request more information  Support@fdssi.com   or  1-800-245-8444

3)  Rent the software for 45 days
Run the software on your PC or network sharing device.
Amortize premiums and discounts.
Current month.  Prior months and years.

4)  Software customization
Get the software YOU need
Request more information  Support@fdssi.com   or  1-800-245-8444

$ Prices and Free Demo
Our Price Page contains a link to download a free demo.
The Price Page is designed for viewing on a PC.
Click here to have us email a link with the Price Page.
     Please indicate if prices are for Bond Purchaser or Bond Issuers
Download a free demo from the Price page which includes:
     •  A live version of the software
     •  Sample records
     •  Ability to run all reports on a PC or network sharing system

 Client testimonials ....

We installed your software and just used it for the first time.  I can't believe how much work it will save us each month.  What used to take hours is now done in a matter of minutes.  Your product performs exactly as advertised!
     Houston, Texas

Our outside accountants just completed their audit.  This is the first year we've been using your software AND the first year we received a clean audit report.
     Long Island, NY

Thanks a lot!  This program has just made my life so much easier.
      Atlanta, GA

I'm a partner in a small CPA firm.  We were recently engaged to audit municipal bonds issued by a local agency.  Bond discounts needed to be recalculated using the effective interest method.  Calculations with annual reports had to be provided for each of the past seven years.  The same bonds also needed to be calculated using the straight line method to compare against their results.  I can't believe how easily your software allowed us to finish the entire job in such a short period of time.
     Southwestern US

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