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GAAP, FASB compliant

FASB 91 Purchased loans    Originated loan files   MBS packaged loans
Income and Expense servicer remittance reports amortization software

Operates on
     PC, Laptop, Workstation
     Network sharing devices

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Loans Serviced by Others

FASB 91 loan fee recognition and reporting software for hundreds,
thousands of individual LSBO loans serviced by others

     •  Purchased loans, new and existing    Originated loans      Packaged MBS loans
     •  Effective Interest Rate Calculation for all loans at the same time
     •  Up to 4 unique income, expense items per loan
     •  Amortize Income and Expense for any month
     •  Deferred fee income and expense general ledger Balances
     •  Accumulated and Book Values
     •  Monthly Recognition and Totals
     •  Changes during term:
               Effective interest rate recalculation due to rate changes
               Accelerated (additional) recognition of deferral for paydowns, curtailments, payoffs
               Full recognition of deferral balance for early payoff
     •  Audit and exams:
               Month-by-month lifetime loan fee detail recognition schedules
    •  Reports:
               View on screen
               Send to local or network printer
               Send to Adobe pdf
               Send to Excel

Amortize deferred fee income and expense for
     •  Mortgage loans
     •  Consumer loans
     •  Commercial and other loans
     •  Secured, unsecured
     •  P&I amortizing
     •  Interest only:
               As interest only and
               Interest with periodic principal payments of a constant amount (e.g., $25,000 every three months)
     •  Balloons:
               Interest only with a balloon
               P&I over balloon period
               P&I over longer term such as 5 year balloon with 30 year P&I
               P&I over average portfolio life
     •  Fixed rate
     •  Zero rate
     •  Variable rate
     •  360, 365, 366, 365/360
     •  FASB, GAAP compliant
     •  Customization available  

Accrual basis accounting
     •  Fee Recognition is NOT based on payment transactions
     •  Fee Recognition occurs every month regardless of whether a payment was made because
          interest income is accrued every month.  

Already amortizing deferred fees?
     The software can preserve current income and expense deferral balances.
     No adjusting journal entries.
 The software can also amortize deferred fees from original loan dates.

"Thank you so much for your help.
It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who understands!"


"Our outside accountants just completed their audit.
This is the first year we've been using your software AND the first year we received a clean audit report."

          New York

We also offer FASB 91 loan file amortization services
Do what others have done:
  Send us a loan file   View our NDA
  Get fee recognition and accounting reports

  Recurring basis:
       Send your file
       Receive a complete set of monthly reports and supportive documentation in Excel

  One time basis:
       Great for audit, due diligence, "What if" questions.
       Any month
       Range of months, past or future periods
       Entire calendar or fiscal year

Request more information  Support@fdssi.com    or  1-800-245-8444


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