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               FASB 91 accounting software
Loans - P&I amortizing, interest only, balloons
Loans - dealer fees, indirect lending charges
Omnibus - MBS mortgage backed securities, loan packages
LIBOR - loans tied to LIBOR, prime, other rate indexes
Merchant loans - cash advances, commissions, fees
FASB 91 - all software products listing
               General accounting software
Prepaid expenses, capitalized cost, deferred charges
Deferred income, unearned revenue recognition
Fixed assets, FF&E straight line depreciation
Excel - import, amortize worksheet records
                         All products
CPA, auditor tools - calculate, recalculate client files
             Bond accounting software
Bonds - effective interest method accounting
Bonds - OID original issue discount amortization
Bonds - variable rate, step bonds amortization
Bond issuers - issuance cost amortization
Bonds - straight line method accounting
Calculator suite - schedules for one bond at a time
Insurance premium amortization software
Accounting and reporting

Software to
•  Manage records
     - Database
     - Import from Excel
•  Calculate monthly amortization
•  Prepare a subsidiary trial balance report and journal voucher
•  Create a transaction file for posting to the general ledger
•  Generate multiple reports based on user defined codes
•  If desired, allocate to branch, cost, revenue center accounts

If you PAY
insurance premiums and other prepaid fees,
click Prepaid Expenses

services for a premium or fee
click Deferred Income

More info
For more information regarding any of the above,
or if you have other questions, please contact us.

1-800-245-8444 or email

   Amortization Software
   •  Hundreds of records
   •  Thousands of records
   •  Multiple files

FASB, GAAP compliant
   •  Business
   •  Government
   •  Services
   •  Financial institutions
   •  Accounting firms
   •  Financial advisors

Special features
   •  Import from Excel
   •  Reports
        Export to Excel
   •  Audit year reconciliation
   •  1-800 and email support

Monthly, annual reports
   •  Your records
   •  Client records
   •  Any month
   •  Any year

workstation and
shared network devices
running Windows®

Client testimonials ....
Our outside accountants just completed their audit.  This is the first year we've been using your software AND the first year we received a clean audit report.
     Long Island, NY

Thanks for your help today.  Your software is as advertised and will be most useful.
     Houston, TX


Insurance Premium Amortization Software
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