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Business, government, financial institutions, accounting firms ....

Callable Bonds - with or without call prices

Accounting and Reporting Software
     FASB 91 Effective Interest Method and
     Straight Line Method

     •  Callable bonds
                               With a call date
                               With or without a call price

     •  Non callable bonds

     •  Premium amortization

     •  Discount accretion

     •  Effective interest rate, constant yield calculation

     •  Accounting and reporting software for

     •  Bond purchasers and

     •  Bond issuers  (the software also handles issuance cost, debt origination charges)

     •  Municipal, corporate, government, notes, bills, agencies

     •  Virtually any type of premium, discount financial instruments including

     •  Bond acquisition costs
               Acquisition costs are an expense
               Amortize acquisition costs as a premium

     •  Bond issuance costs
               Issuance costs are an expense
               Amortize them as a discount

     •  Dozens, hundreds, thousands of

     •  Fixed rate bonds

     •  Convertible bonds
               Calculates a constant rate

     •  Zero rate

     •  Variable rate, floating rate, steps

     •  Rate change - other

     •  Partial sale, partial call

     •  Reductions to par - other

Many of our clients are
     •  CPA, accounting firms
     •  Auditors
     •  Asset management companies
     •  Financial advisors
View this page to see how they utilize the software to calculate, audit or provide accounting services for client files

Resolve FASB 91 issues in a matter of seconds!
Benchmark results for bond accounting software to
     •  Automatically import 253 bonds
         from 6 worksheets in an Excel file
              Fixed rate bonds, convertible, variable rate, callable ....
     •  Calculate effective interest rate for each bond
     •  Calculate amortization for bond premiums
     •  Calculate accretion for bond discounts
     •  Calculate accrued interest at the coupon rate
     •  Generate premium recognition totals
     •  Generate discount recognition totals
     •  Generate coupon interest totals
     •  Recap NET premium, discount, coupon interest portfolio totals
     •  Display individual bond detail plus totals plus recap
     •  Generate income and expense subtotals for each general ledger account
     •  Create journal voucher debit and credit column amounts
     •  Format an upload file for posting to the general ledger
Total time:  9 seconds

Recalculate the same 253 bonds for ....

     •  A different month:  5 seconds
     •  Entire calendar or fiscal year:  5 seconds
Auditing ....
     •  Entire prior year:  5 seconds
Budgeting ....
     •  Income and expense projection for next year:  5 seconds
Scheduling ....
     •  Display a lifetime monthly schedule for a single bond:  1 second
               OS:Windows 7   Processor: 3.10 GHz   Memory: 4.00 GB

 Client testimonials ....

 We installed your software and just used it for the first time.
 I can't believe how much work it will save us each month.
 What used to take hours is now done in a matter of minutes.
 Your product performs exactly as advertised!
                              Houston, Texas

 Our outside accountants just completed their audit.
 This is the first year we've been using your software AND
  the first year we received a clean audit report.
                              Long Island, NY

  Thanks a lot!
  This program has just made my life so much easier.
                              Atlanta, GA

  I'm a partner in a small CPA firm.
  We were recently engaged to audit municipal bonds issued by a local agency.
  Bond discounts needed to be recalculated using the effective interest method.
  Calculations with annual reports had to be provided for each of the past seven years.
  The same bonds also needed to be calculated using the straight line method to compare against their results.
  I can't believe how easily your software allowed us to finish the entire job in such a short period of time.
                              Southwestern US

 Designed for ....
      •  Business, financial institutions and other monthly accounting bond purchasers
              Generate monthly premium and discount recognition, interest accruals and more

     •  Government, agencies who issue bonds
              Generate monthly, annual premium and discount recognition
              Amortize original issue, debt costs

     •  Individual investors
              Generate all premium, discount information required by you and your accountant
              Discount income, premium expense, coupon interest, OID Original Issue Discounts
              Track and clear purchased interest
              Net sale proceeds utilizing cost basis accounting

    •  CPA and accounting firms.  Financial advisors.
                Business, government, individual investor clients
                Calculate recognition for their bond files
                     Generate calendar and fiscal year totals.  Monthly, quarterly totals.
                Recalculate a file for prior years
                    Audit and due diligence
                Straight line vs. effective interest method comparisons
                     "What if?" questions.  Special projects.
                Export, archive calculations and reports to Excel
                Exclude bonds which were added after a desired calculation time period
                    Example:  A worksheet contains bonds from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
                    When working with the year 2013, you can exclude the 2014 bonds from calculations and view.
                Client servicing
                    Calculate bonds on behalf of a client for any period.  Export results.

Simple to use
      Basic information for a bond portfolio is maintained in one or more Excel worksheets
               Par, settlement, maturity, coupon rate ....

      Worksheet templates with headers and column documentation come with the software
               Enter bond data and
               Copy/paste bonds from existing worksheets
               Add/insert new bonds at any time

      User defined Group categories to segregate bonds and provide totals by/for any purpose.

      The software automatically imports a worksheet and performs required calculations
              Constant yield, FASB 91 effective interest rate
              Premium amortization
              Discount accretion and more
              Import and calculate dozens, hundreds, thousands of bonds in a matter of seconds

Calculate premium and discount recognition for

     •  Purchased or Issued
               -  Municipal bonds
               -  Agencies
               -  Corporate, government, notes, bills, debentures ....
               -  Virtually any instrument having a premium or discount
     •  Premium amortization using the effective interest method
               Amortization for each bond plus a detailed, lifetime schedule
               Amortization and balance totals for all bonds with a premium

     •  Discount accretion using the effective interest method
               Accretion for each bond plus a detailed, lifetime schedule
               Accretion and balance totals for all bonds with a discount

     •  Constant yield, effective interest rate calculations under FASB 91
               The same system also supports the straight line method

     •  Coupon rate interest calculation for each bond, plus a total for all bonds
               Interest accruals with general ledger posting file

     •  Calculate
               Dozens, hundreds, thousands of bonds at the same time
               Monthly.  Quarterly.  Range of months.  Calendar and fiscal year totals.
               Current period.  Prior periods.  Future periods.

     •  Fixed rate bonds plus

     •  Convertible bonds
               The system calculates a constant rate
               The constant rate and effective interest rate determine amortization, accretion recognition

     •  Zero rate bonds, convertible or otherwise

     •  Variable rate bonds, floating rate, steps
               Calculation of initial effective interest rate
               Effective interest rate recalculation with each rate change

     •  Call dates, with or without a call price
               Premium, discount calculations to a call date Cost Basis, Book Value

     •  Reductions
               Bonds with reductions to par, such as a partial sale, recall, paydown
               Accelerated recognition of premium or discount balance proportionate to reduction in par

     •  Existing bonds
              Two solutions:
              Recalculate existing bonds using original dates
              Retain current cost basis, book value.  Convert existing bonds and balances with no journal adjustments.


Price page ....

Click to open and view Price page
Free demo as MSI or Zip file ....
         Download a demo from the Price page right now.  No registration required.  Available as:
              MSI - Microsoft installable package - install the demo to your business or home computer.
              Zip - Skip installation.  Simply extract and run the program.
     Demo includes Excel files with sample bonds.
     You can also add, import and calculate some of your own bonds.

Enhanced option for business ....
General Ledger Posting and Reporting Module includes
     •  General ledger journal voucher and posting file for premium, discount recognition
               Asset and liability general ledger account numbers
               Income and expense general ledger account numbers

     •  Subsidiary listing Trial Balance with totals by each set of general ledger accounts
               Income and expense totals
               Premium and discount balance totals
               Book value totals
               For any month, quarter or year

     •  Interest accruals with journal voucher and general ledger posting file
               Accruals can be for a month (period) or
               Total accrual from an "Accrue From" date for accrue and reverse operations
               Purchasers:  Income and receivable general ledger account numbers
               Issuers:  Expense and liability account numbers

     •  General ledger posting files for all of the above 
               Postings can be created for a month, quarter or calendar/fiscal year
               Postings have an Undo function to reverse a posting made in error
               Postings can be formatted for uploading to any general ledger system

     •  Bond issuers:
               Separate amortization of bond acquisition charges, issue costs

Bond portfolio accounting software to track, manage and account for

Portfolio NET totals consisting of
     Coupon rate interest
     + Discount Accretion
     - Premium Amortization
     = NET for any Month.  Quarter.  Calendar or fiscal year.  Go back in time.  Go forward in time.

Premium amortization
  •  Portfolio totals plus
  •  Individual bond monthly amortization, interest and net earning schedules

Discount accretion
  •  Portfolio totals plus
  •  Individual bond monthly accretion, interest and net earning schedules

Early Call/Redemption/Sale date
  •  Recognize deferral balance in full
  •  Evaluate the financial impact of selling a bond

Reductions to Par
  •  Accelerated premium and discount recognition for
  •  Partial sales
  •  Partial recalls
  •  Other reductions to Par for any reason

Fixed rate bonds (Variable rate bonds page)
Convertible bonds

Premium and discount portfolio accounting
  •  Generate income and expense detail plus totals for:
  •  Any month
  •  Any quarter
  •  Any annual, yearly period - calendar or fiscal
  •  Historical - view a portfolio as it was at any time in the past
  •  360/365/366 days in a year basis at the bond level matches coupon interest basis

User defined Group totals

Purchased bonds
     •  Investors, traders, business, institutions, trust departments, client accounting services ....
     •  Calculate discount income, premium expense on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis for all bonds at the same time

Issued bonds
     •  Municipalities, taxing districts, corporate .... (amortize bond issuance costs, too)
     •  Calculate discount expense, premium income on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis for all bonds at the same time
     •  Amortize original issue, debt issuance amounts, too

Related products ....
     •  MBS, CMO, FASB 91 accounting for mortgage backed securities for a file with rate changes, scheduled payments ....

Easily account for exceptions arising from ....
     •  Early calls, redemption  (the software recognizes premium, discount balance in full)
     •  Partial calls, redemption  (the software accelerates premium, discount recognition by the call amount percentage)
     •  Sales  (the software recognizes premium, discount balance in full)
     •  Partial sales  (the software accelerates premium, discount recognition by the par reduction percentage)
     •  Periodic reductions to Par for any reason  (the software accelerates premium, discount recognition by the par reduction percentage)

Comply with these FASB, GAAP recognition methods ....
     •  Straight line method
           Amortization and accretion based on premium or discount divided by term in days (360/365/366)
     •  FASB 91 effective interest method, level yield
           Calculates effective interest rates for fixed rate and convertible bonds
           Amortization and accretion based on the difference between the effective interest rate and coupon rate
     •  Constant interest rate method
           Calculates constant rates for convertible bonds
           Amortization and accretion based on the difference between the effective interest rate and constant rate

•  Fixed rate bonds
•  Convertible bonds
     -  Including initial rate of zero
     -  Convertible rate amortization, accretion at Constant interest rate
     -  OID bonds
     -  For variable rate bonds when future dates, rates are unknown, view our Omnibus Variable Rates software page)

•  Discount accretion
     -  Individual bond level
     -  File, portfolio totals
     -  General ledger totals
     -  Lifetime accretion schedule for a bond

•  Premium amortization
     -  Individual bond level
     -  File, portfolio totals
     -  General ledger totals
     -  Lifetime amortization schedule for a bond

•  OID
     -  OID accretion totals (for more on this, view our Original Issue Discounts OID amortization page)
     -  Group and track OID with purchased bonds accretion totals
     -  Compare recognition amounts between OID and purchased
             Annual (fiscal and calendar year totals)

•  Purchased bonds
     -  Held to maturity or trade/sale/early call date

•  Issued bonds
     -  Including issuance cost amortization (for more on this, view our Bond Issue Costs amortization page)

•  Early call/redemption/sale date
     -  Recognize deferral balance in full as of any date for any reason

•  Interest at the coupon rate
     -  Calculate coupon rate interest and accruals for any period, too
     -  Supports 360/365/366 day basis

•  Generate:
     -  Premium recognition subtotals
     -  Discount recognition subtotals
     -  Accounting reports
     -  Journal voucher posting source document
     -  General ledger transaction posting file (supports any chart of accounts)

•  Existing bonds
     -  Preserve current deferral balances or
     -  System can calculate current balances

Available with a General Ledger and Reporting module ....
     •  General ledger reporting
          -  Subsidiary ledger balancing report
               Detail and totals by each general ledger account for
                    -  Premium and discount recognition
                    -  Accumulated
                    -  Remaining balance book values
          -  Journal voucher posting source document
          -  General ledger transaction posting file
                    -  Formatted for uploading to your general ledger system

     •  Interest accruals at bond coupon rate:
         -  Monthly amount (book to receivable) or
         -  Gross accrual from an accrual date (for book and reverse operations)
         -  Accrual report, journal voucher posting source document and general ledger transaction posting file

     •  NET report - what did you earn on your portfolio?
              Coupon interest for the period
          +  Discount accretion
          -  Premium amortization
          +  Gain on Sale
          =  NET result for each muni bond and entire munis portfolio

Your existing records
     •  Easy conversion ....
          -  Preserve current general ledger balances or
          - Have the software recalculate premium and discount amortization from Begin dates.

Enhanced reporting ....
•  Accounting and general ledger posting and reporting
     -  Generate amount to book to income and expense accounts
     -  General ledger reports, posting reports and upload posting file
     -  Monthly interest accruals
     -  Totals by user defined Row Header category
     -  Issuance cost amortization for bond issuers
     -  Early maturity date to recognize all due to call, sale or other disposition

Maintain bond records in one or more worksheets.  At any time,
1)  Import a worksheet
2)  Select a calendar month and calculate:
     -  Premium and discount recognition for an entire file
     -  Issue costs, fee recognition for an entire file
     -  FASB 91 effective rate, calculations and compliance
     -  Interest accruals
     -  All monthly accounting reports
     -  General ledger postings
          Direct post and
          Allocate to multiple cost and revenue centers
     -  Lifetime amortization schedule for any bond
     -  In a matter of seconds!

Getting started is easy.
     No adjusting journal entry required.
     Be up and running in no time.

Export calculation results and reports to Excel, other spreadsheet.
     For internal use.
     Email to outside auditors.

Records retention.
     Export reports to a worksheet.
     Or save bond worksheets with a unique monthly name.
          Import, calculate, report at any future date.

During import, the software:
     -  Determines premium or discount amount
     -  Calculates effective interest rates
     -  Provides:
          Monthly premium and discount amortization and accretion based on selected calendar date
          For each record:
               Monthly premium and discount recognition
               Accumulated recognition
               Deferred premium or discount balance
               Book value carrying balance
          Summary totals of the above by category:
               Premium totals
               Discount totals

You can also:
     Generate amortized income and expense totals for a
          Calendar or fiscal year
          As of a prior or future period
     View a lifetime month by month amortization and recognition schedule for any record
     Copy and paste results elsewhere


Price pages include ....
Stand alone and network sharing prices.
Free demo you can download right now
Excel files with sample bonds
Click to open and view Price page

Bond Calculator only
Calculate one bond at a time
     Click to open and view Price page

Don't see what you need?
     Need some assistance with your situation?
or email Support@fdssi.com

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