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Accrued expenses software
Accruing an expense means to incur the expense now but fund it at a future date.
If funding has already occurred, view this page for amortizing Prepaid Expenses

Track, manage, amortize, generate monthly general ledger postings for ....
 Dozens, hundreds, thousands of records
     -  Expense now with an offset to a payable account for funding at a future date
     -  Cross over EOY, BOY periods without doing anything
     -  Show your auditor exactly how you arrived at your numbers
               Detailed reports show every transaction for a month, quarter and calendar or fiscal year
     -  Trial Balance subsidiary ledger listing with subtotals for each general ledger account number
               Subtotals consist of:
                        •  Monthly recognition/amortization
                        •  Accumulated recognition
                        •  Book value balances 

•  General ledger
     -  The software creates a Journal Voucher debit and credit column source document for the above and
     -  Creates a general ledger transaction posting file
     -  Posting file descriptions can be at the
               -  General ledger account subtotal level or
               -  Individual records level
     -  Supports any chart of accounts

•  Adjustments during term - after amortization has begun
     -  Increase amount
     -  Decrease amount
     -  Change remaining Term

•  Budget projections, forecasting
     -  Calculate expense amortization, with ending balances, for a future month, quarter, year.

•  Allocation
     -  Direct post monthly amortized expense for a record to a single account or distribute to multiple expense accounts
     -  Allocate one/some/all records using user defined methods
     -  Allocate using multiple methods (percentage, branches, departments, workstation count ....)
     -  Allocated records flow into the journal voucher and posting file for automatically updating the general ledger

•  Export data and calculations
     -  Copy screens and reports, paste to Excel worksheet

Supports all of these amortization recognition methods ....

  •  Straight line monthly, 30 day financial months (typical recognition method)

  •  Straight line monthly, actual days in month

  •  Half month convention

  •  Partial first month and or last month

  •  Time:  Hours, days ....
      Accrue professional and other prepaid fees and retainers by anticipate hours or other time periods (including zero) to be performed

  •  Dollars
     Assign the specific dollar amount (including zero) to be accrued each month

  •  Percent
     Assign the percentage  to be accrued each month (including zero)

  •  Frequency, non-monthly
     Accrue expense in certain months only, such as quarterly or any other calendar or fractional period

  •  Units, other
     Establish your own definition of units to determine monthly and non-monthly accrual amounts

Price and free demo ....

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     •  Stand alone and network sharing prices.
         Modular pricing.  Basic systems plus options you may or may not need.

     •  Free demo
       Download from the Price page right now.  No registration required.
       The demo supports up to 100 records and contains a few sample records so you can run reports right away
        If you opt to purchase the software, your data and records can be rolled into a permanent system

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Click to open and view Price page
     •  Stand alone prices
     •  Network sharing prices.
     •  Free demo.

          Evaluate the software on your office or home computer.

Questions? 1-800-245-8444 or


  Amortization Software
   •  Hundreds of records
   •  Thousands of records
   •  Multiple files

FASB, GAAP compliant
   •  Business
   •  Government
   •  Services
   •  Financial institutions
   •  Accounting firms
   •  Financial advisors

Special features
   •  Import from Excel
   •  Reports
        Export to Excel
   •  Audit year reconciliation
   •  1-800 and email support

Monthly, annual reports
   •  Your records
   •  Client records
   •  Any month
   •  Any year

workstation and
shared network devices
running Windows®

Client testimonials ....
Our outside accountants just completed their audit.  This is the first year we've been using your software AND the first year we received a clean audit report.
     Long Island, NY

Thanks for your help today.  Your software is as advertised and will be most useful.
     Houston, TX


Accrued Expenses Software for Windows® PC, laptop, workstation and network sharing
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