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  FASB 91 SOFTWARE - all products and services
  LOAN FILES - deferred income and expense amortization
  MBS, LSBO, LOAN PACKAGES - fees, premiums, discounts amortization
  BOND ACCOUNTING - effective interest method
  BOND ACCOUNTING - straight line method
  PREPAID EXPENSES - monthly amortization and reporting
  DEFERRED INCOME - monthly amortization and reporting
  FIXED ASSETS, FF&E - monthly depreciation and reporting
  DATE TO DATE - daily, days, weeks, 4-4-5, other periods amortization
  EXCEL WORKSHEETS - accounting amortization and reporting
Calculator Suite
7 different amortization calculators
Bond accounting software for amortizing all bonds at the same time
Mortgage and other types of loans file calculation page
Dealer fees, indirect lending file calculation page
MBS, LSBO, syndicated loan packages page

Just need a complete set of FASB 91 reports today?
For the current or a prior month or year?
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  Amortization and accretion schedules for one record at a time
     •  Bonds
     •  Loans
     •  General accounting records

Bonds - Calculators for bond purchasers and issuers

Bond effective interest method, constant level yield amortization, accretion calculator
    Calculate FASB 91effective interest rate
    Monthly coupon interest
    Premium amortization, discount accretion       (Bond file calculations for Original Issue Discount (OID) bonds)
    Fixed rate bonds      (Bond file calculations for Variable rate step bonds)
    Convertible bonds
    Callable bonds with or without Call prices
    More than 25 bonds?  View our Bond File Amortization Software page

Bond issue costs, debt amortization calculator
     Amortize debt issuance cost over life of a bond
     FASB 91 Effective interest method

Bond acquisition costs amortization calculator
     Amortize cost over life of a bond
     FASB 91 Effective interest method

Variable rate bonds accounting and reporting page

Bonds with reductions to par and partial recalls accounting and reporting page


Loan Calculator

Effective interest method loan calculator
Loan fee income and expense calculator screen
FASB 91amortization for loan fee income and expense
Lifetime loan fee and principal balance amortization schedule
      More than 25 loans?  View our Loan File Amortization Software page
MBS   FASB 91 software for mortgage backed securities
LIBOR  Interest only loans tied to LIBOR, Prime, other indexes

General Accounting Calculators

Any amount, any purpose:  Straight line amortization 
     From any date to any date using a 360, 365, 366 day basis
     Partial first and last months

Any amount, any purpose:  Straight line amortization 
     30 day financial months
     All months have 30 days

Any amount, any purpose:  Accelerated amortization 
     Rule of 78's recognition methodology but over any term in months
     More is recognized during earlier months of the term.

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