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Loan fee amortization calculator
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Bonds straight line method amortization, accretion

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Loan Fees - FASB 91 effective interest method Calculator

View these pages for software to calculate a file with hundreds, thousands of loan fees:

          Loan origination fees for a loan file

          Dealer fees for a loan file

          Purchased loans premiums and discounts

Loan fee income, expense amortization calculator for
  •  Residential, commercial, consumer, auto, indirect ....
  •  Amortizing, interest only, balloon, fixed rate, variable rate, secured, unsecured and other loan types

Calculator input
•  Principal (original loan amount or balance)
     - Fixed rate
     - Adjustable
     - Amortizing
     - Interest only (non-amortizing)
     - Balloon
•  Note rate
•  Payment (leave blank for system to calculate as non amortizing, "interest only")
•  Term
     Input any three of the above and the software can solve for the unknown.
•  Fees
     - Income
     - Cost (expense) origination charges, dealer fees ....
     - Both. When both are present, software determines the "net amount" to amortize.
     Or, run two pure schedules. One for fee income, a second for costs.
•  Monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual payment frequency (button selection)

Additionally available entries:
• Balloon term (callable, average life)
     If entered, Payment can be blank and the
     software will calculate an interest only payment amount
•  Reprice After
     A future point to reprice an adjustable loan
•  Reprice By
     An amount by which to increase or decrease the Note rate

Calculator output
•  Effective interest rate
     -  Calculated by the software
     -  Applicable to fixed rate, adjustable, interest only and balloon loans
•  Determination of deferred fee amount to amortize as:
     -  Income only (up front charges and fees for a lender)
     -  Cost only (origination expenses, up front charges and fees for a borrower)
     -  A "net" fee derived by subtracting the smaller from the larger
•  FASB 91 amortization schedule:
     -  Accrued monthly interest at note rate
     -  Monthly interest at effective rate on loan balance plus or minus remaining deferred fee balance
     -  Deferral recognition (difference between stated and effective interest rates)
     -  Accumulated
     -  Deferral balance (remaining fee to be amortized)
     -  Book value, carrying amount
•  With output results -  View, print and copy, paste to Excel or other spreadsheet program

But ....
     Why calculate 1 loan when you can

     calculate dozens, hundreds, thousands of loans at a time
     -  Monthly
     -  Quarterly
     -  Annually (calendar and fiscal years)
     -  Past, current and future periods
     -  Import original loan data
     -  The system calculates principal balances and fee recognition "as of" requested month or period

•  Effective interest rate
     -  Calculates effective interest rate under FASB 91 for each loan

•  Fee income and expense amortization
     -  File totals by category
     -  General ledger posting totals by account
     -  Lifetime amortization schedule for a loan

•  Amortize, recognize, account for and post
     -  Deferred loan fee income
     -  Cost, expense
     -  Finance charges
     -  Premiums and discounts  (for MBS, purchased loan packages with premiums and discounts, view this page)
             Interchange premiums and discounts with income and expense depending upon which they are to you

•  Early payoff dates
     -  Recognize deferred fee balance if paid off, sold, other reason

•  Paydowns
     -  Supports partial paydowns and curtailments
     -  Accelerated recognition of deferral corresponding to reduction of principal
     -  Effective interest rate recalculation

•  Rate changes
     -  Effective interest rate recalculation due to a rate change
     -  New payment calculation

Price page
Click to open and view calculator Price page

Multiple loans?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  View this page to import and calculate a loan file.

Purchased loans, packages?  Irregular payments?  View our Omnibus FASB 91 premium and discount amortization software for
  •  MBS, syndicated packages, LSBO, secondary market, grouped originations, bundled loans, bonds with monthly par reductions and more.

Dealer fees?  Indirect lending?  View samples screens for FASB 91 software for Dealer fees

Flexible ....
Enter a loan to the effective interest rate calculator screen
       •  Enter basic loan information plus fee income, expense or both income and expense.
       •  Calculate effective interest rate.
       •  Produce lifetime loan and deferral amortization schedule. 

Ideal for one or dozens of loans with or without rate changes and payment curtailments
     •  Regular amortizing loans
          Residential, commerical, consumer, auto, other ....
     •  Balloons, with or without payments or principal paydowns
     •  Interest only
     •  Packages, pools, groupings - One big loan, log each monthly principal reduction as a paydown
               If your packages have maturity dates instead of a term in months, view our bond calculator page
     •  Fixed, variable rate
     •  Monthly, quarterly, annual pay
     •  Loans with unusual, variable repayment terms
     •  For originators, borrowers, sellers, buyers, accountants, auditors


Price page includes ....
     •  Stand alone and network sharing software prices.
     •  Free demo
     •  Click to open and view price page

Multiple loans?  Hundreds?  Thousands?
View this page to import and calculate a loan file.

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