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Loan Fees

FASB 91 software to do what your loan servicing system can't ....
Income, expense, origination and other fee recognition at the individual loan level.

Satisfy FASB 91 requirements in a matter of minutes.
Simply place your loans into an Excel worksheet:
   •  Populate Excel by either entering loan data or
   •  Export/import to Excel from your loan servicing system
  The software does the rest ....
Automatically import loans from one or multiple worksheets to the software import screen
Calculate FASB 91 effective interest rates
Calculate current principal balance for amortizing loans
Calculate interest payment for non-amortizing loans
Calculate fee income and expense
Accelerate recognition for paydown curtailment, early payoff
Generate fee income and expense totals
Create a subsidiary ledger balance sheet report
Build a general ledger upload posting file
For any month
For the entire year
For any prior year - calendar and fiscal
Prepare a lifetime fee and amortization schedule for any loan
View.  Print.  Export calculations and reports to Excel.

               View sample screens  ....

Excel worksheet
  •  Excel worksheet with different loan types: Amortizing, interest only, balloons ....

Software Import Screen 
  •  Fee recognition, FASB 91 income and expense totals for a single month
  •  Fee recognition for an entire year - calendar, fiscal, audit or examination period

Trial balance report
  •  Subsidiary general ledger accounts trial balance listing

Amortization schedule
  •  Loan fee amortization schedule.  Lifetime month by month fee recognition

               Your existing records ....

Have not been recognizing fees:
If you have not been booking fee recognition, the software can provide the amount which should have been been recognized under FASB 91 from original loan dates through any month and year.

Have been recognizing fees:
If you have been booking fee recognition using another method, the software allows you to retain current fee balances.
In the Excel worksheet:
Substitute original loan balance with current loan balance.
Original fee income or expense becomes current fee income or expense.
First payment date needs to be the first month for the system to begin recognizing the fee.
Term column should be left blank, which instructs the system to calculate a remaining term based on payment, rate and balance.

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Irregular paydown amounts or payment streams?
Loan packages?  Syndicated?  MBS?  Participations?
Other loan type financial instruments, originated or purchased?
View our Omnibus FASB 91 amortization software

 Client testimonials ....

 I 'm not technically inclined but was able to install your software without any problems.
 Then I imported a worksheet containing our loans.
 Your software performed all the calculations and totals we need in a matter of seconds.
 I can't believe how much work it's going to save us each month.
                            San Antonio, Texas

 Our outside accountants just completed their audit.
 This is the first year we've been using your software AND
  the first year we received a clean audit report.
                              Long Island, NY

 Thanks a lot!
 This program has just made my life so much easier.
                              Atlanta, GA

  Your customer service is fantastic!
  Have a great week.
               Redmond, WA

  •  Effective interest rate calculation and accounting for an entire loan file

  •  Fee income amortization

  •  Cost, expense amortization

  •  Portfolio totals in a matter of seconds
          Total fee income
          Total fee expense
          For a month.  Quarter.  Calendar or fiscal year.
          Current, past and future periods

  •  Detail audit schedules
          Lifetime amortization and fee recognition schedule for any loan on demand

  •  Amortizing loans

  •  Interest only loans

  •  Balloon loans
          Interest only

  •  Loan amortization periods
          Recognize fees over the full term of the loan
          Recognize fees over an average life
               Amortize loans over an average life instead of a full term
               Apply to some loans or all loans

  •  Zero interest rate
          Some clients use this feature to amortize leasing fees

  •  No data maintenance or updating necessary

  •  Operates on
          Original loan and deferral balances
          Current loan and deferral balances

  •  Variable rates
          Supports rate changes

  •  Principal paydowns, curtailments
          Accelerated fee recognition due to paydown/curtailment/payoff

Flexible output ....
     •  View results on screen
     •  Send to local or network printer
     •  Copy and paste results to an Excel worksheet

Principal Balances
The system calculates the current principal balances for amortizing
loans "as of" the requested amortization month or period  (for MBS, pooled loans, syndicated packages, view this page)

Effective interest rate
The system calculates an effective interest rate under FASB 91 for each loan and
calculates a new effective rate for a rate change

Fee income and expense amortization
  •  Individual loan level
  •  File totals by category
  •  Lifetime amortization schedule for a loan

General ledger posting
  •  Subsidiary reports
  •  Journal voucher posting source document
  •  General ledger upload posting file

                            CHANGES during term ....
Rate changes
  •  Supports interest rate changes
  •  Effective interest rate recalculation due to a rate change
  •  The software calculates the new payment

  •  Supports partial paydowns and curtailments
  •  Accelerated recognition of deferral corresponding to reduction of principal

  •  Supports early payoffs
  •  Recognize deferred fee balance in full
  •  For payoff, sale, or otherwise disposed

New and existing loans
  •  New loans:  The system performs calculations using original loan information.
  •  Existing loans:
          1)  The system can "bring loans current" if original loan information is available.
                    Calculate a file for current and prior periods.
          2)  Or, the system can use current loan balances, current deferred fee balances and so forth.
                    The system can calculate a remaining term based on loan balance, rate and payment.

Amortize, recognize, account for and post
  •  Deferred loan fee income
  •  Cost, expense
  •  Finance charges
  •  Discounts and premiums 
        Interchange premiums and discounts with income and expense depending upon which they are to you

  •  Fixed rate
  •  Adjustable, variable rate (scheduled and "on demand" rate changes)
  •  Interest only
  •  Balloon term (can also be used as a portfolio average life term)
  •  Zero interest rate
  •  Non-amortizing loans (and loans with unscheduled or periodic principal reductions)

Krazy loans
  •  Loans your mainframe can't handle
  •  New products/loan offerings
  •  Unusual payback terms ....
        The software can be modified to meet specific client needs

Leases, too
  •  Utilize balloon and non-amortizing features to amortize leasing fees over lease term.
  •  Accommodates both zero interest rate as well as lease payments incorporating an interest rate.

Generate recognition and accounting reports
  •  Amortization and accretion
  •  Subsidiary listing with detail and totals
          Monthly recognition
  •  General ledger accounting
          Journal voucher posting source document
          General ledger transaction posting upload file

  •  Residential mortgages with origination fee income and expense
  •  Commercial loans, paper
  •  Loan packages, purchased or sold
  •  Consumer loans, automobile, other vehicles
  •  Dealer fees, indirect lending costs
  •  Other conforming, non-conforming loans

Custom modifications
  • Custom calculations and routines for new lending programs, unique situations ....

Price page and free demo  ....
Click to open and view Price page
Free demo as MSI or Zip file ....
         Download a demo from the Price page right now.  No registration required.  Available as:
              MSI - Microsoft installable package - install the demo to your business or home computer.
              Zip - Skip installation.  Simply extract and run the program.

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Loan packages?  Irregular paydown amounts?  Other loan type financial instruments?
     View our FASB 91 Omnibus software for purchased loans
      packages, MBS, LSBO, sold participations, other instruments
      Omnibus premium, discount FASB 91 amortization software

Many of our clients are
     •  CPA, accounting firms
     •  Auditors
     •  Asset management companies
     •  Financial advisors
View this page to see how they utilize the software
to calculate, audit or provide accounting services for client files



Simple to operate.
Maintain loan fees in one or more worksheets.

For monthly reporting:
1)  Import a worksheet
2)  Select a calendar month and calculate:
     -  Loan fee income and expense recognition for an entire file
     -  FASB 91 calculations and compliance
     -  All monthly accounting reports
     -  General ledger postings
     -  Lifetime amortization schedule for any loan
     -  In a matter of seconds!
      Enter loan data and fees.
      Download loan data from a mainframe.

 Export calculation results and reports to Excel.
      For internal use.
      Email to outside auditors.

 Records retention.
      Export reports to Excel.
      Or save loan worksheets with a unique monthly name.
           Import, calculate, report at any future date.

During import, the software:
    Calculates effective interest rates
          Monthly fee income and costs amortization
          Calendar date selection determines effective month.
     For each record:
          Monthly recognition
          Deferral balance
          Book value carrying balance
          Summary totals of the above by category:
               Fee income totals
               Cost/expense totals

You can also:
     Generate amortized income and expense totals for a
          Calendar or fiscal year
          As of a prior or future period
     View a lifetime month by month amortization and fee recognition schedule for any record
     Copy and paste results elsewhere

Supports single or multiple paydowns.
     Curtailments, paydowns, participation sales.
     Put date and paydown amount in the file.
          The system will automatically accelerate deferred fee recognition for the paydown amount.
          A percentage of the paydown/loan balance will be used to recognize that portion of the deferral.
          A new effective interest rate will be calculated based on the new remaining term.
     Accepts multiple paydowns for the same loan.
          Including separate, multiple paydowns in the same month.
     Log paydowns 2 ways (or use both):
          Immediately following a loan number row.
          Grouped together within a "Changes" section.

Early payoff date column to recognize in full prior to end of anticipated term.

Rate changes:
     The software supports one rate adjustment.
      It also supports multiple rate changes.
          Put new rate and effective date in the file.
               Enter as many changes as occur.
          The system calculates a new payment and recalculates the effective interest rate.
     Log rate changes 2 ways (or use both):
          Immediately following a loan number row.
          Grouped together within a "Changes" section.

Loan types
     -  Fixed rate
     -  Adjustable
     -  Amortizing
     -  Interest only
     -  Balloon
     -  Zero interest
     -  Non-amortizing

Payment frequencies
     -  Monthly
     -  Bi-weekly
     -  Quarterly
     -  Semi-annual and annual

•  FASB 91 Effective interest rate
•  Deferral amortization recognition
     -  Fee income
     -  Fee expense, cost
     -  Net of both when applicable
     -  For loan term or average life
•  All monthly accounting reports
•  GAAP, FASB compliant

Calculate deferral recognition and balances as of:
•  Current month
•  Prior month
•  Prior year end (fiscal or calendar)
•  Future month or year end
•  Range of future months for annual budget/forecasting

Trial Balance subsidiary ledger report
Detail and totals for
     •  Income
     •  Expense
     •  Accumulated
     •  Deferral balance
     •  Carrying amount (Accretion balance)
     •  Totals by category or general ledger account numbers

General ledger
     •  Journal Voucher posting source document
     •  Upload posting file
     •  Direct post to any chart of accounts
     •  Allocate selected or all recognition to revenue and cost centers

FASB 91 detail schedules
     •  Lifetime effective interest method amortization for each record

Available in 2 versions, where a file consists of
1) Loans at the individual loan level:
     -  Fixed rate, adjustable, amortizing, interest only (non amortizing) and balloon loans
     -  Monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment frequencies
     -  Mortgages
     -  Dealer fees, holdbacks, indirect auto lending expense
     -  P&I amortizing loans
     -  Balloon
     -  Interest only
     -  Average life term
     -  Callable

2) Groups and packages (fees treated as premium or discount using our Omnibus software):
     -  Individual rates, composite, dollar weighted
     -  Mortgage backed securities
     -  LSBOs
          Purchased loans
     -  Other packaged loans
          Held to term
          Average life
     -  Amortizing
     -  Irregular principal receipts stream
          Variable amounts
          Curtailments, payoffs
          Partial sales
     -  Weighted rate changes
     -  Interest only
     -  Monthly bulk origination, aggregate



Price page includes ....
     •  Stand alone and network sharing prices.
     •  Link to download a free demo right now
     •  Click to open and view price page

Don't see what you need?
     We have other software not featured on our website.
     We can also tailor and customize the software.
email Support@fdssi.com

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